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CapriTat Tattoo Pen

CapriTat Tattoo Pen

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Enhanced Comfort, Precision, and Lightweight Design for Masterful Artistry

Embrace a tattoo pen designed for your utmost comfort and well-being, reducing strain and preventing long-term injuries for a seamless, artistic experience.

Optimal Balance and Control

Discover the front-weighted design of the CapriTat tattoo pen, empowering you with exceptional lateral motion and enhanced maneuverability to create intricate and fluid tattoo designs.

  • Weight 200 gr
  • Length 5.250 inches
  • Diameter 1.3 inches
  • Stroke 3.0 mm
  • Battery life 5+ hours
  • 2 memory buttons
  • 1 power on and off button
  • 2 memory save buttons
  • 4 to 12 volts speeds
  • One charge LED indicator and one voltage LED indicator

Feather-Light and Effortless: Experience the feather-light construction of the Nebula tattoo machine, significantly reducing fatigue during long sessions and enabling effortless handling for uninterrupted artistic flow.

Vibration-Free Precision: Crafted with special material, the CapriTat tattoo pen absorbs vibrations, ensuring a stable and smooth operation that allows for precise tattooing and outstanding results.

Rechargeable and Wireless Versatility: Enjoy the freedom of a rechargeable and wireless tattoo machine, equipped with quick-use buttons and premium materials for long-lasting durability.

Product Description

Introducing the CapriTat tattoo pen, a masterpiece of comfort, precision, and durability. Crafted to enhance your tattooing experience, this machine combines ergonomic excellence, balanced control, and the latest technological innovations.

The Capri tattoo pen ergonomic design prioritizes your comfort, reducing strain and preventing long-term injuries, allowing you to focus on your artistry with ease. Its front-weighted construction ensures optimal balance and control, empowering you with exceptional lateral motion and enhanced maneuverability for intricate, fluid tattoo designs.

Weighing in as a feather-light companion, the CapriTat tattoo pen minimizes fatigue during long sessions, allowing you to work effortlessly and maintain uninterrupted artistic flow. Experience a lightweight construction that doesn't compromise on control or comfort.

Crafted with premium titanium, the CapriTat tattoo pen provides vibration-free precision, ensuring a stable and smooth operation for impeccable tattooing results. Immerse yourself in the art of tattooing with confidence and achieve outstanding precision with every stroke.

But that's not all. The CapriTat tattoo machine takes versatility to the next level with its rechargeable and wireless design. Say goodbye to tangled cords and limited mobility as you enjoy the freedom to move seamlessly around your workspace. With quick-use buttons at your fingertips, you can easily adjust settings to suit your artistic needs.

Built to last, the CapriTat tattoo machine incorporates premium materials that guarantee long-lasting durability. Experience the reliability and longevity that come from superior craftsmanship and the use of high-quality components.

Unlock your full potential with the CapriTat tattoo machine. Immerse yourself in a world of comfort, precision, and durability, and elevate your artistry to new heights. Embrace the freedom of a rechargeable, wireless design with quick-use buttons and experience the impeccable results achieved with vibration-free precision.

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